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Click 2 Buy
"The Online Offer Management System"


In most property sales...

  • The agent wastes hours processing offers they know don't have a chance at winning

  • The sellers go hours without an update from the agent and then wonder if they could've gotten a higher price after it's all done and dusted

  • The buyers feel ripped off and wonder if there really was a second interested party they were competing with                                                      No one walks away completely happy or satisfied.


With Click 2 Buy

  • The agent saves time with each house sale allowing them to give better service  (and usually get a higher price for each sale too!)

  • The sellers can instantly see all the offers from any mobile device or desktop, and the transparent nature of the system encourages genuine offers and healthy competition

  • The buyers can see exactly how many interested parties there are and how much they're offering, knowing at any point where they stand

Everyone walks away

happy and satisfied!

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Are you worried you won't get the highest price for your most valuable asset?

Are you finding it hard to find an agent you can trust?

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If you're lucky enough, the house you love will be listed with an agent on Click 2 Buy.
If this is the case, you've got it made - you can see how many interested parties there are and what the highest offer is at any point in time.

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Is this an Auction?

How do I log in to make an offer on a property?

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