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Are you worried you won't get the highest price for your most valuable asset?

Are you finding it hard to find an agent you can trust?


Choosing an estate agent is such an important task, but it can feel daunting and confusing. And although most estate agents are people too and really are trying to do the best job they can, wouldn't you want to work with one that's forward thinking and gets today's market? More than 80% of people surf the net with their phones, so why not let them submit offers for your house with their phone too?
Increase the sale price potential of your property

Click 2 Buy adds transparency to the offer process, showing potential buyers how many people they're competing with and exactly how much has been offered at any point in time. It develops trust, they can submit offers no matter what else they're doing and all with just the click of a button (the process could even be called fun)!

This unique combination means buyers are more comfortable offering as much as they can and often more than they would through more traditional methods.If you list your property with an agent on Click 2 Buy, you'll be able to see all of the offers as they're made and you won't have to wait for the agent to find the time to give you updates. But more importantly, the transparent nature of Click 2 Buy means Buyers are more likely to submit multiple genuine and real offers and keep placing offers as the price rises.

It's a system they can trust, and because they know exactly where they stand and they have pressure-free time to think, they are more comfortable offering higher amounts.

Click 2 Buy is "The Online Offer Management System" and is a tool used by estate agents to manage offers coming through, it does not replace your agent. So your agent will advise you when it's the right time to add your property to Click 2 Buy which means you don't have to make big decisions at the start. Once your agent builds enough interest in your property, you're good to go!
How it works...

- When a property has enough interest, your agent will advise you to activate a Click 2 Buy page
- They will set it all up for you and add you as the vendor so you can securely login and see what's happening
- Interested buyers submit their offers, pushing the price higher and higher
- You get an email every time a new offer is placed and you can login at any time (from your phone, tablet or desktop) to watch the offers come through in real time
- Once the sale is over, everyone is notified by email of the outcome and you've sold your property for the best price possible!

You need to find an agent who's on Click 2 Buy!

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